In October 2018, in the wake of the #MeToo movement and a wave of victim-survivors stepping forward, V (formerly Eve Ensler) of V-Day and One Billion Rising and Tony Porter of A Call to Men organized a meeting in New York City, gathering twenty anti-violence activists from across the United States. The group was diverse in race, ethnicity, sexual identity, class, age and geographical location. Those gathered set out to discuss an intersectional vision for a collaborative project that would help shift culture and directly impact how we, as a community, engage and interact with one another. The group unanimously agreed that some of the best solutions to combat gender-based violence rested with young people. And so, the Dismantle Patriarchy contest was born.

The song “Dismantle” by Duo Charity Croff and Jacob Denzel of Archduke (featuring Taylor Iman and Jenee Jones) launched in 2019 in conjunction with One Billion Rising global mass actions, and the celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Vagina Monologues and V-Day. The original website, music video, and more details can be found here »


Advisory Board
V (formerly Eve Ensler), V-Day & One Billion Rising Founder
Tony Porter, A Call to Men Co-Founder
Susan Celia Swan, V-Day & One Billion Rising Executive Director
Purva Panday Cullman, V-Day Senior Programs Director

YountACT Council
Leora Khaimova, Michelle Zheng, Jordan Eliot, Jasmin Langomas, Luzselena Aguilar, Azul Navarrete, Emmi Moelleken, and Nakira Morris

Web Development
Alex Tuller, Drake Creative

Want to get involved/support the Dismantle Patriarchy Project?
Email us at info(at)dismantlepatriarchy.org

Thank you to Afua Addo and Corinne Santiago for their contributions to the early development of this project.